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Who we are

Our Mission

To provide state of the art technology products and services using simulation and computer visualisation technology to support training; recreations, virtual tours, and supporting animations of heritage sites; and analysis of alternatives/business decision-making.

Thomas W. Mastaglio, Ph.D.- Managing Director

Dr. Thomas W. Mastaglio has over 25 years experience developing and managing simulation technology in academia and industry. In the U.S. he established MYMIC LLC with Bill Younger, which grew to 100 employees and over $17M in annual revenue in 13 years, Mr. Younger is also his partner in MYMIC Global. Dr. Mastaglio has been a part time resident of Ireland for personal reasons since 2001. He recognized the opportunity to leverage technology developed by MYMIC LLC to establish an SME in Ireland marketing these capabilities into the EU. MYMIC Global was established for that purpose in 2012.

Trading Partners


MYMIC LLC is a US-based technology development and services company founded in 2000 in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The MYMIC LLC technology focus area is modeling, simulation, and visualization using state of the art computer tools. Their application focus is on training solutions and logistical analysis. Current markets in U.S. include Defense, Medical & Health Care, Homeland Security, Transportation Logistics, Space (NASA), and Power/Energy industry. MYMIC LLC and MYMIC Global ltd have common ownership but are separate US and Ireland business entities.

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Our Products

MYMIC Global provides simulation and 3D virtual environment based products and services to support training and analysis of alternatives/business decision-making.

Immersive virtual environments provide a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient medium that provides enhanced learning and enables distributed users access to training anywhere, anytime. They experience training through interactive immersion that engages them in the learning process.