What we do

MYMIC Global focuses on logistics simulation software and training solutions for the maritime and transport industries, healthcare and emergency response. The key technology MYMIC Global offers is on-line interactive virtual environments; we are a unique provider of immersive interactive training solutions in Ireland and throughout the EU.

MYMIC Global offers on-line safety training to a client base in Ireland and Europe similar to those being successfully marketed bit its trading partner, MYMIC LLC in the U.S.

MYMIC Global offers design, creative, and digital services in the following areas for heritage sites and museum experiences:

• 3D Modelling, Visualisations and Animations
• Software development enabling museum and information display
• Website design and development
• Hardware consultancy and procurement
• Spatial design and site use
• Research, scripting, and proofing of museum text display and graphics
• Project management and procurement
• Liaison with sub contractors

MYMIC Global consultants work closely with the stakeholders of creative projects to deliver the best visitor experience, on-site and online. In-depth research is undertaken to ensure the accurate interpretation of available sources, bringing to life the stories of the historical site and museum artefacts. Each project is unique - MYMIC Global brings professional project management and design processes to ensure project success while catering for the uniqueness of each project's requirements.

MYMIC Global leverages research and development partnerships to conduct joint applied research with Irish academic institutions and centres of excellence.


Research, analysis, training and/or assessment support
Provide on-line safety training
Customize logistics simulation software

Training solutions for:

Maritime and transport industries
Healthcare educational Emergency Response